• Is it necessary to have experience with image processing and/or programming language?

It is recommended to have some experience with programming languages such as Python

  • The scientific projects can only be related to one of the missions with representatives in the workshop? 

No, you can propose projects related to any space mission with data available in databases such as PDS or PSA

  • Will it be more focused on data analysis of past and possible future missions, or is it more general regarding future mission planning?

Focus will be past missions. Only descriptive information on future missions will be presented.

  • Will it be a project for the workshop or there's also the possibility to start a medium/long term collaborations about a proposed project?

Projects have been known to extend beyond the initial scope of the workshop.

  • Are there any preferred data type that will be discussed at the workshop? Will radio science data be discussed as well?

Multi-wavelength imaging will be the main focus. But projects can expand on any data available.

  • How much time is expected in lectures vs hands-on work?

Approximately 60% of the time is estimated to be used in hands-on work.