March 27, 2020


Dear All

Hoping you are well and safe, we want to inform that, in view of the current situation due to the world dispersion of COVID-19, the Organizing Committee of the COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop "Data Analysis for Planetary Sciences", along with COSPAR representatives, have decided to postpone the workshop, scheduled for 20-31 July 2020 in Antofagasta, Chile.

The tentative new dates for this workshop are January 18-31 2021 or a date to be confirmed on the Chilean winter academic holidays, around the end of July - early August 2021.

The applications received through the workshop website ( until the current deadline of 31 March 2020, will be considered for the selection of participants. The selected candidates will be of course asked for confirmation if the final workshop date is suitable for them. Nevertheless, a new application period will be opened 6 months before the workshop, for new candidates to apply.
Once we have the list of professors that will be able to participate in the workshop in one of these new date options, we will update the information and send it to you all.

Best regards,
Millarca Valenzuela
Chair Cospar CBW-DAPS 2020
Universidad Católica del Norte
Antofagasta - Chile
Patricio Rojo
Co-Chair Cospar CBW-DAPS 2020
Universidad de Chile
Santiago - Chile
Gonzalo Tancredi
Co-Chair Cospar CBW-DAPS 2020
Universidad de la República
Montevideo - Uruguay
Carlos Gabriel - COSPAR Panel for Capacity Building - Chair
Diago Altamirano - COSPAR Panel for Capacity Building Representative